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Welcome to Tactical Sci Fi

Tactical Sci Fi is a fan site that blends popular fiction to learn about historical facts.  Each section of the website is focused on a different topic and includes several sub-pages including: Jurassic Outcomes (Jurassic World & Dinosaurs), The Resistance (Terminator & Robots) and The Harrowers (Hellraiser & Christianity)

The Umbrella Security Services (Resident Evil & Viruses), Energyne Tactical Response Team (Rampage & Travel) and STAAR Team (Area 51 & Government Developmental Programs) are still largely under construction.

Explore around, enjoy, share the page and check out our shop if you

Energyne Tactical Response Team
formerly Scumlabs Response Team

This is a fan site, the images are owned by the original source and it primarily for educational purposes of the fiction each section is based on along with factual information related to the topic.