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Core Missions

It is important for us to outline the type of missions and services we provide to ensure that our capabilities match the customers need. Please explore our core missions below that covers a wide variety of Jurassic Security Operations (JSO):

Asset Containment (AC): If your pre-historic creations break free or you have a wild one that has roamed into your community, we specialize in sedating, capturing and returning the asset to any location that our employer desires. 

Direct Action (DA): Not all assets can be contained safely and some pose a serious threat to the community. When AC is not in the realm of possibility, our forces are capable of conducting DA against pre-historic threats. While terminating pre-historic creatures is not our main goal, the value of human life will always outweigh the value of dinosaurs. While trained and fully capable of dealing with the threat of other humans, we are not a hit squad for hire and are still subject to local laws. Therefore, we will only respond to human threats with the appropriate level of self-defense. 

Special Reconnaissance (SR): Not everyone want to capture or kill dinosaurs. Many including paleontologists and animal behaviorists want to study these creatures. We are all for developing our understanding of these animals but want you to do so in safety. We provide Personal Security Details (PSD) for paleontologists, zoologists, paleo-botanists and more to those brave scientists wishing to journey into a dinosaur homeland. If you don’t wish to put yourself in danger, we also can go into the area without you and provide countless photographs, videos and reports of these animals previously unknown behavior. This also includes setting up remote sensors to monitor behavior for long periods of time and tagging animals to track their movement. 

Counter Proliferation of Genetic Technology (CPGT): Pound for pound, genetic code is the most valuable commodity the world has ever seen with something as small as an embryo worth millions of dollars. The corporate world is a very unfriendly place with companies willing to go to extremes to acquire genetic technologies. We provide an untraceable solution with guaranteed secrecy to prevent such theft. 

Jurassic Security Force Assistance (JSFA): If your town, community or corporation is plagued by pre-historic problems then you may want to consider our JSFA package. Highly trained Jurassic Outcomes Operators will visit a location provided the best training to your security force or local neighborhood watch. Included in this package are services like construction of make shift weapons, a suggested purchase list and discount from our recommended partners and analysis of your local defense plan. 

Jurassic Search And Rescue (JSAR): Despite numerous governmental warning to stay away from areas containing dinosaurs like off limits areas of the woods and islands, there are always a couple of people who do not listen. Whether a loved one wandered into the wrong neck of the woods or was involved in a paragliding accident leaving them deep in dinosaur territory, our experienced trackers can help return your loved ones safe and sound.

If you are interested in a service that does not fall within the categories of JSO listed above, reach out to Jurassic Outcomes and we will work on providing a solution that fits within our company values and mission. We are also available for education classes on both security and dinosaur identification/behavior.

This is a fan site for the security forces from InGen security forces, the hunters, contractors and Asset Containment Unit (ACU) from both the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World franchises.  All pictures are provided by a person pictured in each.