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When deciding on your weapon for a Jurassic mission, it is important to understand the benefits and tradeoffs that each one possesses. The most lethal or effective non-lethal may also be the heaviest one to carry and the slowest one to reload. It will also be important to consider what the rest of the team is carrying. While a mixture of weapons will provide great versatility to a squad or team, it also means that you won’t be able to cross-load/cross-level ammunition in the middle of the mission. Here are some of the common weapons that have shown a minimum level of effectiveness against pre-historic threats.

We’ve broken the weapons into three categories with two sub-categories each. Generation 1 is everything pre-Jurassic World including Jurassic Park and Site B, Generation 2 is Jurassic World and Next Generation is weapons that are in development by InGen/Masrani but are not commercially available yet. The Next Generation weapons are only available when contracts are specifically for Masrani Global. Each generation has two categories, one for lethal and one for non-lethal allowing operators to pick what weapons will best suite their needs.

Generation 1

The first generation of weapons used against dinosaurs was developed mostly through hard lessons of trying something only to be met by failure and death. Most of the lethal weapons are much easier to acquire and this ease of access may have been a driving force in their use. While the styles are similar to Generation 2 weapons, these base models would get updated or enhanced to the current levels we are at today.

Generation 1- Lethal



A US Army standard for the last quarter of a 20th century the M16 is also the standard issue weapon for InGen Security Forces. Thanks to prevalent use in the both he civilian and military worlds, this weapon is easy to learn and easy to use. However, the original M16 was designed to wound the enemy by shooting a lightweight projectile (.223) at the intended target tumbling through the body and wounding him. To deal with a Jurassic threat, hollow point rounds (a round banned by the Geneva Convention) is preferred over the standard full metal jacket. This will create a little more of a punch as opposed to the round just going through the intended target. With 30 round clips and fairly lightweight rounds, you can carry a lot of ammunition both in the weapon and on your kit.

H&K 91A2

If the M16 doesn’t pack enough of a punch for you with its small 5.56 rounds, the Heckler and Koch 91A2 may be more up your alley. This semi-automatic weapon with automatic options is chambered in 7.62 x 51 NATO. The operation of the weapon is very similar to the M-16 making cross training on the weapon very easy. The safety, magazine release and bolt release are all in the same place. The only difference is the sights on the weapon, which is similar in design to other H&K designs like the MP5. Our Operators have mixed feelings about the iron sights on this weapon, although it often allows for acquiring a quicker sight picture, it is usually less accurate in well aimed fire.

Searcy Double Barrel Rifle 

When hunting big game, you want a rifle capable of packing a significant punch, which is why big game hunters like Roland Tembo use the Searcy Double Barrel Rifle with .600 Nitro Express. While this is a great weapon if you are hunting a single dinosaur with one or two well aimed rounds, the ability to quickly reload is a significant downfall. As a weapon for a unit, like an InGen Security squad, it is better for the group to carry something like the H&K 91 and maybe have one designated marksman carry a weapon similar to this in the event of encountering a male Tyrannosaurus Rex. The benefits of this weapon over something like the .50 caliber bolt action rifle, is this is significantly lighter and can provide you with a quick follow up shot if needed (but not a third). Since it is a side lock model that only holds two rounds, it makes is much lighter that carrying around a large .50 semi-automatic weapon with complex internal mechanisms and a large magazine.

“Iron Horn 20mm” (M82A2 Barrett Modified)

A quick look at this weapon should make two things jump out at you. The first is the punch it packs with enormous 20mm High Explosive (HE) rounds that are capable of destroying an aircraft. The second is the weight. While the Iron Horn may be a useful weapon if you are moving on trucks, in helicopters or sitting at a stationary location, I think you’ll find moving with this rifle is more of a chore than it is worth. Heavy weapon with heavy rounds make this a weapon that is not suited for the lightweight movement of most Jurassic Operations.



The Franchi SPAS-12 is the weapon of choice for the legendary Jurassic Park Game Warden Robert Muldoon. The 12 gauge shotgun is dual mode, meaning he can fire it in pump action or semi-auto. The 12 gauge rounds allow the user to carry a variety of shells that can be used to defend yourself against a variety of pre-historic threats. The versatility of this weapon lies in the variety of 12 gauge shells that can be loaded. If you are just looking to scatter small herds of Compys or chase away a larger dinosaur, bird shot may be your round of choice. If you are looking to really do some damage, you may want to load the SPAS-12 with slug rounds. The only downside is the additional weight the gun has due to it having a semi-automatic mode…but this may prove useful in dangerous situations.

Rocket Launchers


Even Robert Muldoon knew he needed more stopping power than some semi-automatic rifles and a shotgun, which is why he kept several LAWs in the Jurassic Park weapons locker. This Lightweight Anti-tank Weapon (LAW), could be packed away without substantial weight but still provide significant destruction. The only complaint is you get one shot per weapon system, so take careful aim and don’t miss. There are even rumors that Muldoon once used the LAW to kill a juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex proving their effectiveness beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Generation 1- Non-Lethal


LAR Grizzly Big Boar- Tranquilizer Variant

A very effective .50 caliber tranquilizer gun that has proven its effectiveness multiple times. With such a large tranquilizer dart it has taken down a Tyrannosaurus Rex on more than one occasion. The only downside of this weapon is its single shot bolt action nature which requires each round to be loaded and fired before you can take a follow up shot. However, as long as you hit the intended target, you won’t need a follow up shot…unless of course other dinosaurs are in the area.

Lindstradt Tranquilizer

The Lindstradt Tranquilizer gun fires small rounds (chambered in .22 LR) but don’t let the size of the round fool you, this is one effective gun when loaded with the right tranquilizer. The preferred recommendation has been to use the Conus Purpurascens (South Sea Cone Shell) venom, one of the most powerful neurotoxins in the world. While many claim the effectiveness of the venom takes hold before the target even knows it has been hit, this is actually not true, because the venom still needs to get into the blood and take a trip through the circulatory system. Regardless, the point is when loaded with the right neurotoxin, this rifle can gives you a very accurate round with a high level of effectiveness with less weight than something like the LAR Grizzly Big Boar. However, we have no data to show if it works on the largest of dinosaurs.

Dan Injection Model JM

If you want to carry a tranquilizer gun at the lightest weight possible, then the Dan Inject Model JM is the weapon for you. With very little extra flair, the rounds are powered by CO2 and fires one round at a time. It is basically the bare bones of a tranquilizer rifle. If you are worried about its effectiveness, don’t be. Many InGen security have used this to sedate sizeable dinosaurs like the Parasaurolophus and the Pachycephalosaurus.


Enhanced Cattle Prod

Prior to the development of Generation 2 Electricity based weapons, InGen used Cattle Prods with some minor modifications to make them more effective for animal control. However, they quickly learned in 1992/1993 that even smaller dinosaurs were capable of taking direct shocks and responding aggressively. While this was a good first attempt, the technology is outdated and ineffective for dinosaur control.


CODA Net Gun

The CODA Net Gun can be effective but must be used in conjunction with other tools like tranquilizer guns to effectively sedate and control a dinosaur. It is best used either right before the tranquilizer is fired (thus slowing the dinosaur down) or immediately after the tranquilizer is fired (slowing the dinosaur down and preventing him from moving too far before the sedation takes effect). It is fairly heavy though for a weapon that is one shot per net. In large squads or platoons, it is a useful tool to have but in smaller groups I would leave it at home.

Neural Paralyzer Gas Grenade

This is an effective weapon for dinosaur dispersal, creating a visible cloud of smoke that scares the dinosaur as well as releasing a gas that will knock dinosaurs unconscious. However, for the dinosaur to completely become sedated, it will have to be used in a closed environment like indoors. This works on both dinosaurs and humans so if you plan on using one, make sure you have a gas mask or if no gas mask is available just cover you mouth (or you can build one, reference the Operators Only section). This is more of an area weapon that should be used in conjunction with other lethal or non-lethal options for protection. It can also be used as a last ditch save yourself maneuver by dropping the gas grenade at your feet to scatter a closing herd of dinosaurs like Velociraptors.

Other weapons have been used on Jurassic Operations but were shown to have marginal results on effectively controlling, sedating or killing dinosaurs. Therefore, we chose to not include them as possible options for future contingency operations. 

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Pictures shown taken from Jurassic Park movies or IMFDB.ORG