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Future Weapons

M-25 or "Endo" Rifle: Build off the model of a Calico sub-machine gun, this is the standard battle rifle for the Terminators and resistance fighters.
Plasma Gun: Powerful future weapon that can be fired in pulse or slug mode and effectively destroy at T-888 model with a single blast.

Used only once in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Pilot episode.


T2 Knife: With minimal screen time for the blade if you aren't paying attention, you'll miss it.  Appearing in T2 during the scene when the T-800 first walks into the bar it makes a brief show on camera as its plunged into the naked T-800's chest.
Terminator Salvation Knife: Fixed blade knife worn by John Connor in 2018 during Terminator: Salvation.  A full tang construction knife with a great grip and strong plastic sheath that can be laced onto a belt or worn around the neck.
Terminator Salvation Folding Knife: Never appearing on screen in video games or movies, this is a knife inspired by the Terminator franchise complete with T-800 skull featured near the top of the handle.  The blade has a similar design to John Connor's knife making it a nice alternative to everyday carry.

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