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You may want to take your personal armory to the next level in preparation for Jurassic Security Operations. Here are a couple of options we recommend based off a mix of personal experience and recommendations from trusted sources. 

Our favorite tactical distributor website, Cheaper Than Dirt sells a mix of lethal and non-lethal weapons. Based off location and security checks, some may not be available to all personnel. If you want to practice with the real weapons or similar weapons from Jurassic Security Forces, here are some links that may interest you 

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Available Now- Lethal


M4/M16 Variants: There are so many M4/M16 variants that it becomes hard to choose. Your best option is to visit a couple of stores and get your hands on one that suites your needs. We have found that Rock River Arms, provides high quality weapons at an affordable price. We are also a fan of Black Rain Ordnance, a veteran run company that has some really nice rifles for a higher price point. If you have an unlimited budget, you may want to go with an H&K rifle for very high quality.

Lever Action: If you are interested in harnessing your inner Owen Grady, you are going to have to go with a Marlin lever action rifle.


Shotguns: Trying to create a shotgun buying good would require writing a book. That being said, we are a fan of Mossberg since they are affordable but still good quality. If you are looking for something that is a little higher price point and value, Winchester might be the brand to go with. However, if you want the true ACU experience, the STS-15 is commercially available and at a reasonable price well under $1000.

Generation 2- Non-Lethal


While I don’t have any specific recommendations for a tranquilizer gun, you can get some of the same practice by picking up a pellet gun. This will familiarize you with practice in aiming a weapon as well as operating a weapon that is compressed air or CO2 powered. Cheaper Than Dirt has a wide variety of pistols and rifles including everything for those looking to save a couple of dollars all the way up to those looking for a high end model that performs at its best.

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     Airgun Handguns

     Airgun Long Guns


Of note, we do not recommend testing your non-lethal electric weapon on yourself or your friends. Many deliver serious amounts of electricity designed to stop someone who is attacking civilians or police regardless of their adrenaline levels or mix of chemicals in their system. Simply pressing the on button a couple of times is a good test to see the arc of electricity that runs across the electrodes. After all, you don’t test out your guns by shooting a friend to make sure it works, so don’t test out your non-lethals on your friends.

Taser Gun: The average person gets stun guns and taser guns confused. Taser guns fire the electrodes at the target and stick into their skin then provide a stream of electricity into the target. This is similar to the Taser Rifles carried by the ACU. The starting price for these will be at around $350 and go up from there all the way to $1000+. Here’s a good model for under $350, Taser International. If you want to get fancy with one of the $1000+ models, the Taser X26P with built in laser can’t be beat.

Stun Gun: Stun guns are much more affordable. Unlike a taser, with a stun gun the weapon must be in contact with the enemy. This is much more similar to the ACU Stun Sticks or Generation 1 Jurassic Park cattle prods. These can come disguised as other items (like a flashlight or cane) or look similar to your TV remote but provide a powerful punch. The voltage and amperage on each one makes them have different effects and feel different on the intended target. Often the price is correlated with the amount of power the stun gun has, with the stronger ones costing more money. Cheaper Than Dirt has a wide variety including ones that resemble a traditional gun shape or ones that resemble a standard stun gun shape.

Dual Use Stun Guns: We like our stun guns to have dual uses, as in they are a stun gun but also provide another function. One of the issues with a stun gun is you have to consciously make the decision to carry it around. If your stun gun is dual use, you are much more likely to have it on you in the event of an emergency. Here are a couple of options you may want to consider for use as a dual use stun gun. 

Walking Stick/Stun Gun

Cane/ Stun Gun

Flashlight/Stun Gun

Stun Baton: Stun batons are similar to stun guns but longer. Some are a standard longer stun gun and others have a little more weight/quality so they can actually be used as a baton. Pay attention to this when shopping around for your pick. Of note, you will also want to pay attention to where the electrodes are. Just because it is a baton, doesn’t mean the whole length is electrified, it may only be the very end of it.


Pepper Spray: Sometimes referred to by the specific brand name Mace, pepper spray is a general term usually used to describe any non-lethal spray that is an irritant to a potential attacker. Pepper spray canisters are much cheaper than all the other products listed on this page. Be sure to shop around to find one that fits your planned use. Some also come with a dye that will create a hard to wash off visible mark on the attacker. If you are a fan of dual use products, check out this Mace carabiner/pepper spray. If you still want more of a gun design, Mace does offer a pepper gun that also has a built in strobe. Of note, this is a chemical weapon that is subject to things like wind and area dispersion, so using it in a confined area will effect more than just the intended target.

Smoke Grenade Pouches: Maybe you have someone got a canister or InGen Neural Paralyzer grenade or something similar. Smoke grenade pouches will be the best way to carry those around. A flashbang pouch will be too narrow and a normal fragmentary grenade pouch will be too shallow.

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This is a Jurassic Park/World fan site. However, all items listed in the Available Now section of the website are real lethal and non-lethal weapons designed to injure attackers. Ordering from these websites may require security checks as well as having age/location shipment restrictions. Please review appropriate laws and restrictions before attempting to order.