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Generation 2

Generation 2 weapons for Jurassic Operations saw a militarization of the tools used. Although many of these weapons were available in the 1990s, most were not carried by those going into dinosaur habitats. After the failed attempts of Jurassic Park, Site B and Jurassic World San Diego, the security forces decided to increase their lethality. Having dinosaurs inflicting large numbers of casualties or causing extensive property damage is simply no longer an option. Combine this with experiences of both military returning from combat deployments and entering Jurassic Security Operations as well as improvements in technology and the next generation of weapons is prepared to defeat pre-historic threats.

Generation 2- Lethal


HK 416/ M4 / FN SCAR-L/ Similar Weapons Chambered in 5.56

The next generation of M16s comes in the form of the M4 and similar weapons chambered in .223. The 416 is gas piston operated instead of gas blowback like the M16. This means it operates with greater consistency and requires less cleaning. The 416 comes at a little higher of a price tag, so the M4 is usually seen in more common use (although it is gas blowback operated). However, both come with collapsible stocks, picatinny rails allowing for the addition of sights/lights/accessories and a shorter barrel make it easier to transport. With such a large pull of Operators coming from military and police backgrounds these weapons make it easy for those personnel to make the transition. Plus, the 416 and M4 use the same magazines and the same bullets making cross-loading and cross-leveling of ammunition easy. 

The SCAR L was often talked about at being a replacement for the M4 for the US Military. While it has undoubtedly seen some action in select military units, it has yet to take widespread hold as a replacement. The L version is chambered in 5.56, just like the M4 and comes with many similar advantages.

MK 14 Mod 1 EBR

The Enhance Battle Rifle (EBR) is not you father’s M14. It has been accessorized for modern warfare, which make it great for a designated marksman weapon. It doesn’t have an automatic setting, but that is not needed because the semi-auto design packs a punch with its 7.62x51mm NATO round (.308 in). With a collapsible stock, picatinny rails and is usually carried with a 20 round magazine, this gun provides more accurate fire than an M4 with greater stopping power. While not as accurate as a sniper rifle it is a good cross between something like an M4 and a M24 bolt action rifle.

HK 417/ DRD Tactical Paratus

Many of the benefits of the EBR can be seen again in the DRD Tactical Paratus and the HK 417 with similar features and is chambered in 7.62x51mm. The biggest benefit of the DRD Tactical Paratus and the 417 is that it has the same design as an M4 so anyone comfortable operating an M4 will be equally as comfortable using this weapon. The longer barrel provides greater accuracy making this a great weapon to carry. 

Marlin Model 1895SBL

The Marlin Model 1895SBL was made popular in the Jurassic World era by famed Velociraptor trainer Owen Grady. For use as an individual weapon it is pretty good providing a lot of stopping power with its .45-70 rounds. The lever action design means for its size it is relatively light and doesn’t require the extra complexity or weight of a similarly chambered semi-automatic weapon. However, as a weapon for a unit like the Asset Containment Unit, there are simply better options. The lever action design makes it slower for follow up shots and slow to reload once you’ve expanded all rounds in weapon. This weapon gets five stars for looks, but is something you will not likely find carried by anyone conducting Jurassic Security Operations.

SIG SG 552 w/ Indoraptor Laser Designator

Chambered in 5.56x45mm, this weapon has many similar benefits to the M4 variants listed above. The big difference is the inclusion of a laser designator on the side that triggers an attack by the ferocious Indoraptor. You may be wondering, why would you need a dinosaur to attack someone if you already have a gun pointed at them. Well there are a couple of possible reasons including deniability (animal attack vs. killed by another human), using the dinosaur as an area weapon (the Indoraptor would kill multiple people in a group instead of individually killing each one with bullets) or range (the Indoraptor will be able to attack the target as long as he can see the impact point of the laser, which will be beyond the effective accurate range of most users).

M134 Mini-Gun 

In the event of serious contingencies, the Asset Containment Unit (ACU) purchased a M134 mini-gun. The belt fed, vehicle mounted weapon fires an up to 6,000 round per minute of 7.62 x 51mm rounds. This weapon can obliterate the tough skin of some of the toughest dinosaurs.


Pump Action Shotguns: Mossberg 500 / Remington 870 / Benelli Supernova / UTAS UTS-15

While all the other guns in the Generation 2 list seem to be more complex with more accessories,

 the Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 goes in the opposite direction when compared to the SPAS-12. The benefit of having a pump action like the Mossberg 500 over a semi-auto like the SPAS-12 is mostly about weight. The 500 is useful for breaching doors or scattering small groups of dinosaurs. Most likely those carrying the 500 will be using it as an additional tool instead of as their primary weapon like those carrying the SPAS-12.

The one shotgun that will significantly stand away from all of these is the UTAS UTS-15. It’s very unique bullpup design includes two six round tube magazines located under the barrel. Although it is still pump action, the dual magazines means you can load two different types of ammo and switch between them without having to unload/reload different types. You could put bird shot in one for scattering Compys and slugs in the other to take down Raptors. With so many different types of 12 gauge ammo, the possibilities are endless.

Rocket Launchers


The general theme across Generation 2 weapons has been more firepower and in the rocket launcher category there is no difference. While the LAW has some advantages in being lightweight and smaller (66mm), the AT4 provides a greater destructive power with an 84mm round. While not a weapon that needs to be carried by every member of a squad, having 1-2 per 12 man element could prove useful in the event of encountering a large dinosaur like the Tyrannosaurus Rex or Indominus Rex. 

Generation 2- Non-Lethal


Customized Tranquilizer Rifle

The improvement in equipment continues with this Customized Tranquilizer Rifle providing a semi-automatic solution to options that only existed in single shot/bolt action tranquilizers that were part of Generation 1 equipment. With a picatinny rail across the top, the rifle can be customized with a sight that suites your needs, whether it is a simple holo-site or one that has some magnification included.


Stun Sticks (Generation 2 Enhanced Cattle Prod)

While Generation 1 Cattle Prods seemed to right off the shelf with some minor modification, the Generation 2 Stun Sticks are built from the ground up by Masrani. They provide a greater reach than the original models use by Jurassic Park employees with higher amperage and voltage, making them more effective for controlling dinosaurs.

12 amp Taser Rifle

The biggest improvement in electric based non-lethal weapons is the 12 ampere (amp) Taser Rifle. This allows for significantly more standoff than the stun sticks and provides greater range than a simple pistol style taser gun, which often max out at around 15 feet. The range of the Taser Rifle is classified but you can tell by the housing it packs significantly more distance of electrical wires. Most of the weight of the rifle comes from the battery, which delivers a massive shock to disable large dinosaurs that may be threatening peace and civility.


CODA Net Gun

The CODA Net Gun is the only weapon that makes a complete unaltered return in Generation 2 Jurassic Security Operations weapons. While this may seem surprising, net guns are not a popular item, so there has been little need for improvement, nor has there been much of an emphasis put on improving net gun technology. The CODA Net Gun returns as a supplementary weapon that can be added to a squad to slow down a dinosaur pre/post sedation.

Other weapons have been used on Jurassic Operations but were shown to have marginal results on effectively controlling, sedating or killing dinosaurs. Therefore, we chose to not include them as possible options for future contingency operations. 

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