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Jurassic Outcomes was founded in 1993 after the events of John Hammond’s failed attraction Jurassic Park in order to counter the threats of prehistoric threats in a modern world. While our operators were not involved in every security operation below, we continue to honor the memory of these trail blazers as paving the way for Jurassic Outcomes. We trace our roots back to International Genetic Incorporated (InGen) Security Forces and the Jurassic World’s Asset Containment Unit. Although there has been some Biosyn security forces involved in Jurassic Operations, we do not trace our origins to that company since their primary goal was corporate espionage at all costs. The lessons learned, often at great cost, have led to the improvements in operations that occur today. Many of the surviving names and operators below would continue their work into private employment in our company. What follows is a history of Jurassic Security Forces:

Part I: Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar

In early 1980, Dr. John Parker Hammond founds his company International Genetics Incorporated (InGen) with his silent partner and philanthropist Benjamin Lockwood (JW Survival Guide). For personal protection, Hammond hires a small Personal Security Details (PSD), to provide around the clock protection to the billionaire. Although this started out as a small group, as his funding and projects wandered deeper into the field of genetics, the size of the PSD increased. This initial group was founded by ex-military (most with a Special Operations background) and ex-law enforcement who had recently retired or left public service in search of more lucrative jobs. 

By 1984, they successfully cloned their first pre-historic animal (JW Survival Guide). Planning for the future, Hammond purchases the islands of Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar from the Costa Rican government. With Hammond and InGen owning the islands, they are essentially operating in isolation without any law or governmental oversight (JP Novel).

Two years later in 1986, they would successfully clone their first dinosaur, a Triceratops on the island of Isla Sorna (JW Survival Guide). Recognizing a future need for security forces, more personnel are hired to plan for dealing with a full grown dinosaur. Without knowing the exact size these genetic creations would reach or how they would react, InGen begins to purchase and develop non-lethal security measures including electric cattle prod type staffs, tranquilizer guns and electrified gun fired nets (JP Novel).

With the first successful cloning of a dinosaur, initial conceptual plans start to take shape for a dinosaur themed park. Meanwhile, the size of the security force gradually started increasing. No longer were they just recruiting from public service jobs but the security force became a mix of personnel with experience in big game hunting and the occasional zoo worker with a background in military service. 

As dinosaurs were cloned and grew to maturity in the late 1980s, InGen Security Forces got their first real world experience. On Isla Sorna, Site B, the Security Forces sedated, captured and transported adult dinosaurs to their ultimate home in Jurassic Park. Initial control techniques would be developed in these formative years between 1987 and 1993 (JP II Novel). The Security Forces learned that standard cattle prods were ineffective and larger ones with greater reach needed to be employed. The importance of having lethal weapons also became evident as the animals grew larger and the need for personal safety grew. However, due to cost of each asset, these were not purchased and their use was highly discouraged. Tactics, techniques and procedures were refined, but ultimately, all required dinosaurs for park opening were successfully transported to Isla Nublar without any reported casualties. 

In 1992, seeing a need for someone with serious experience, the legendary big game hunter, Robert Muldoon was hired as the Game Warden to officially oversee park operations and tie in with InGen security forces. His experience in both dealing with large animals and developing wildlife preserves makes him the ideal man for the job. Seeing how deadly some of the carnivores are including the intelligence of the raptors leads Muldoon to request the addition of lethal weapons and/or simply killing off the more dangerous dinosaurs. His request is denied due to the cost of each dinosaur and their low success rate in embryos reaching adulthood (less than 1%) (JP Novel).

Once Muldoon’s design of the park proved successful, InGen would continue with expansion of their Jurassic Park brand including opening Jurassic Park Europe in the Azores and Jurassic Park Japan on an island near Guam (JP Novel).

With the cloning of several dinosaurs and the park approaching their planned opening date they began to experience problems. In the early 1990s, when investor Mr. Cheung and his daughter visited the park, there was a small incident due to a pet ferret carried in the backpack of Mr. Cheung’s daughter. The Triceratops and T-Rex would break out of their pens but ultimately be contained without major incident (JP Annual Comic Part 2). However, it did send the signal for the need for more InGen Security Forces. Finally, Muldoon managed to convince the InGen leadership that they should be allowed to keep lethal weapons on the island in the event of a contingency. Muldoon purchased several M16 rifles, H&K 91 rifles, a SPAS-12 shotgun for himself and two LAW rocket launchers to be kept locked up but available in the event of an emergency (JP Novel). 

Despite refined sedation, control and transportation techniques, the park received their first transportation casualty in 1992 when a Velociraptor attacked one of the park workers during transportation into her pen. While opening the gate of her pen the Velociraptor almost escaped and proceeded to kill this InGen security personnel (JP). Little did they know at the time this was the first death in a series of deaths that would ultimately lead to the downfall of Jurassic Park.

Muldoon began screening and hiring additional security forces. In early 1993, while the park was still preparing to open another breakout of dinosaurs occurred. This time it was the Stegosauruses in addition to the Triceratops and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Game Warden, Robert Muldoon sprang into action along with Alpha and Beta Teams of their security forces. Murillo, one of the InGen scientists was almost killed when a Stegosaurus rammed the vehicle containing him and Muldoon. Robert Muldoon and Alpha Team went hunting for the Stegosauruses and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Ultimately Muldoon was able to subdue the Stegosauruses and the Tyrannosaurs but not without the first loss of life by InGen Security Forces. Two operators from Alpha Team were sadly killed when the Tyrannosaurs stepped on the Jurassic Park Jeep containing both of them. Beta Team proved more successful tranquilizing the Triceratops and retuning them to their holding pens without incident (JP Comic: Return to Jurassic Park #9). Lessons learned from every incident would continue to improve safety. To further enhance security and reduce the future likelihood of the larger herbivores charging vehicles, a red strip was added to the Jeeps on Isla Nublar. It is unknown why, but the red stripe appears to discourage animals like the Stegosaurus and Triceratops from charging the vehicles (JP Novel). 

In 1993, genetics competitor company BioSyn attempted to steal embryos of InGen’s dinosaurs. Using Jurassic Park computer programmer Dennis Nedry as an inside threat, Nedry started a catastrophic series of events. While stealing the embryos, he shut down the power systems of the park thus resulting in a massive outbreak on Isla Nublar. Nedry would ultimately be killed by a Delophisoraus and drop his concealment device (a can of Barbasol housing the embryos). Several InGen employees and visitors would ultimately perish on the island. Included in this was the apparent death of Game Warden Robert Muldoon after a Velociraptor ambush. Visitors Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Ian Malcolm, Dr. Alan Grant and Hammond’s grandchildren make it out of the park alive after numerous close calls (JP). Overall, InGen Security did a good job getting the majority of personnel off the island. With such a widespread outbreak of dinosaurs the total loss of life was fairly minimal. 

Most of the workers made themselves easy to find and thus were evacuated promptly as the storm hit during the 1993 incident. However, several chose to stay behind or did not meet at the designated evacuation points. Included in this group was Park Veterinarian Gerry Harding, along with his daughter Jessica Harding, Bio-geneticist Dr. Laura Sorkin and Genetic Engineer David Banks. InGen sent in a rescue squad of security personnel consisting of Alpha and Bravo Teams. Alpha team consisted of Pilot Danny “D-Caf” Cafar, William “Billy” Yoder and Oscar. Bravo Team consisted of Garza, Linares and Vargas. Bravo Team would all be killed at the Jurassic Park Visitor’s Center by a mix of Troodon attacks and fratricide due to friendly fire of the team attempting to defend themselves. Alpha team would also all be killed but not before the managed to successful rescue Gerry, his daughter and Nima, a corporate spy (JP The Game). 

During the first major incident of Jurassic Park a rescue team led by the US Air Force would visit the island responding to a distress call. The US Air Force Pararescue forces would pull two more survivors off the island, Derrick and Abby, despite stormy weather and landslides (JP Comic: Return to JP #5-6).

Three days after the rescue of Ian Malcolm, Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler, Grant and Sattler return to Isla Nublar, this time with the help of the US Army. The US Army works on capturing and re-containing all assets on the island with mixed success. Details of the US Army’s work on the island remains classified to this day (JP Comic: Raptor 1). However, we have had several employees that served in this mission but continue to honor the non-disclosure agreement and classified nature of the assignment. Something you can count on even to this day with the employment of Jurassic Outcomes.

Dr. Grant and Sattler are captured by a hunter named George Lavalla (a former friend of Robert Muldoon) for transportation to his employer. George would later die in a plane crash after the Velociraptors he was transporting broke free of their holding pens. Meanwhile, a man claiming to be Robert Muldoon showed up to Ian Malcolm’s hospital room. Reports are inconsistent but allegedly Muldoon served a vicious Raptor attack and went on to continue counter-Jurassic Operations. Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler would eventually be rescued by Muldoon and Malcolm but not without a lot of drama including Muldoon shooting down two Biosyn helicopters and killing two Biosyn employees (technically one of the Biosyn employees killed his coworker) (JP Comic: Raptor #1-10). 

During this period as retribution for the attempted stealing of embryos from Jurassic Park, InGen Security Forces conducted their first Direct Action (DA) raid against competitor Biosyn. The raid was a success killing several Biosyn employees and destroying part of their research facility. At least two InGen Security Forces receive serious wounds via Biosyn gunfire but none are reported as Killed in Action (KIA) (JP Comic: Raptor #8). Although not a moral high point in the history of InGen Security Force history, it is part of the legacy of Jurassic security operations.

In early 1994, Grant, Sattler and Muldoon returned to the island for a third time along with InGen employee Edgar to investigate the US Army’s activities on the island at the request of John Hammond. The quartet never discovered what the mystery of the US Army’s Green Flame project, they did have another run in with Biosyn employees. Several Biosyn employees would not make it off the island alive but the quartet would eventually exfiltrate the island safely (JP Comic: Return to JP #1-4). 

Meanwhile, in late 1994 Dr. Henry Wu, along with an InGen Security Detail, return to Isla Nublar and conduct further cleanup of the island. Included in this process is the cataloging of dinosaurs, the sedation and re-capture of those that escaped (JW Survival Guide). Continuing on improving the ability to protect humans from dinosaurs, the “Neural Paralyzer” gas grenade would be developed and begin testing for use as an dinosaur area denial weapon. The security detail that accompanies Dr. Wu would later be named the Asset Containment Unit (ACU). 

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This biography uses information from the movies, novels and the Jurassic Park expanded universe including comics. When conflicting information occurs, we attempt to reconcile the storyline and adding qualifying words like “allegedly” (as in the case of Robert Muldoon who dies in the movie but survives in the comics and novel). Each paragraph has a link to source material available for purchase. Pictures are screen grabs from the Jurassic Park franchise or photos provided by those pictures.