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Part II: Site B on Isla Sorna

In 1997 there was another expedition back to Isla Sorna aka Site B, one of the Islands of the Five Deaths. Isla Sorna, one of the islands, was revealed to be the factory floor of Jurassic Park where all the dinosaurs were bred, housed and allowed to develop until their transport to Isla Nublar (JP II Novel).

This expedition was organized and led by Hammond’s nephew Peter Ludlow and included a sizeable security detail (JW Survival Guide). The security force used lessons learned from the 1993 incident as well as re-hiring some of the same personnel along with other contractors to attempt to recapture the dinosaurs for a planned Jurassic Park San Diego. 

The security element arrived in full force landing in four UH-1 Iroquois helicopters and another three CH-47 Chinooks with six sling-loads of equipment/vehicles to support ground maneuver upon landing. The security element was led by Roland Tembo with Dieter Stark as second in command. Accompanying them was Roland Tembo’s best friend/hunting partner Ajay Sidhu and paleontologist Robert Burke as their dinosaur expert. The group arrived with more agile vehicles that were specially equipped with equipment modified from hunting big game animals to sedate and capture dinosaurs. They successfully captured numerous dinosaurs including Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Gallimimus, Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus and Procompsognathus (JP II). 

Due to the sabotage of Nick Van Owen, all the dinosaurs escaped. This resulted in a drastic change to the plan for the InGen Security forces as they scrambled to recapture dinosaurs and safely extract their team from the island. . Dieter Stark would fall victim to a Procompsognathus attack. Eddie Carr would die gruesomely from two adult Tyrannosaurus Rexes while trying to save his coworkers Nick Van Owen, Sarah Harding and Dr. Ian Malcolm. His sacrifice would allow his coworkers to survive a vicious Tyrannosaurus Rex attack but would get saved by Roland Tembo and his team. Seven InGen hired contractors would succumb to death by Velociraptor attack while moving through a large field including Ajay Sidhu (JP II). 

Already in progress, a rescue team was on its way to link up with Dr. Malcolm and his team (JP II Arcade). Thanks to the efforts of Nick Van Owen (JP II), this team was able to quickly locate Dr. Malcolm and safely rescue them (JP II Arcade). Further security forces would arrive via helicopter with more combat power to successfully pickup Roland Tembo and Peter Ludlow’s element (JP II). 

Ultimately, only two Tyrannosaurus Rexes were successfully captured (one adult male and one young T-Rex). These adult male was transported to San Diego in the ship SS Venture. After using too much tranquilizers on the adult male, they injected it with naltrexone thus sending it into an aggressive state. The adult male would ultimately kill an unspecified number of InGen workers on the ship thus causing it to crash into the dock (JP II). 

The adult male Tyrannosaurus Rex would proceed to go on a rampage through San Diego causing fear, panic, deaths and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. Thanks to Dr. Malcolm and Sarah Harding using the baby Tyrannosaurus as bait, they lured the adult male back into the hull of the SS Venture where it would apparently kill Robert Ludlow before getting locked in the ship. The adult male and baby would ultimately get transported back to Isla Sorna with InGen security keeping close watch on the ship with US Navy escort nearby (JP II). 

By late 1997, InGen would be on the verge of bankruptcy due to catastrophic losses in owning islands, developing genetic technologies and lawsuits by workers lost in the incidents of 1993 and 1997. Simon Masrani, CEO of the Masrani Corporation would use this to his advantage begin talks to acquire InGen. Before the end of the year and the closure of the deal, Hammond would pass away (JW Survival Guide).

By 1998, Masrani Global Corporation acquired InGen and Simon Masrani begins plans for Jurassic World on the same site as Jurassic Park (Isla Nublar)JW Survival Guide). To capitalize on the lessons learned and experienced gained many security personnel would get rehired, or the few that were still employed, retain their jobs. Despite a parent company name change, the security forces would continue to train begin preparing for the new Jurassic World. The Asset Containment Unit (ACU) is officially stood up and begins formal training based off the lessons learned from 15+ years of security operations related to dinosaurs. 

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This biography uses information from the movies, novels and the Jurassic Park expanded universe including comics. When conflicting information occurs, we attempt to reconcile the storyline and adding qualifying words like “allegedly” (as in the case of Robert Muldoon who dies in the movie but survives in the comics and novel). Each paragraph has a link to source material available for purchase.  Pictures are screen grabs from the Jurassic Park franchise and the Isla Sorna map is from a Google search.