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Part III: Pre-Jurassic World

Despite numerous warnings from both the US Government and the Costa Rican government, people continued to go near the islands of Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna in hopes of seeing dinosaurs. This included privately run and funded trips as well as illegal companies running tours near the island (JP III).

In 2001, one of these companies, DINO-SOAR, a paragliding company was viciously attacked resulting in two of their employees dying, one of their customers getting killed after the parachute crashed into the jungle and a 12 year old boy Ben Kirby getting trapped on the island (JP III).

Eight weeks later a small group of Private Military Contractors (PMCs) would infiltrate the island after being hired by Paul Kirby and ex-wife Amanda to rescue their son, Ben. The PMC was led by booking agent Udesky, assisted by security specialist Cooper and pilot/security specialist M.B. Nash. Accompanying the group would be Alan Grant, Billy Brennan and the parents of Ben. Cooper would die in a Spinosaurus attack shortly after landing on the island. M.B. Nash would also succumb to a Spinosaurus attack shortly thereafter. Udesky would die later that day when attacked by a Velociraptor (JP III).

The group would ultimately get rescued by a mix of government (JP III) and privately employed military contractors hired by InGen (JP III Arcade). The government sent in the US Marines via amphibious landing craft (JP III), however prior to their landing, two military contractors parachuted into the island and fought their way towards Dr. Grant and his associates (JP III Arcade).

With both Isla Nublar (Jurassic Park) and Isla Sorna (Site B) left on their own, the detailed history of what happened in between the fall of Jurassic Park and the rise of Jurassic World becomes a little murky since Masrani’s company has withheld much of this information and it is based off second and third hand accounts.

A result of the 2001 rescue on Site B included Pteranodons getting released from the aviary. This was the beginning of dinosaurs spreading out away from the islands. In late 2001, Private Military Contractor (PMC) Vic Hoskins led a team to capture several Pteranodons in Canada. Hoskins would later be hired by Masrani after hearing about his success. However, unbeknownst to Masrani, Hoskins had plans to weaponize dinosaurs in the future (JW Survival Guide). 

The Canadian incident with Hoskins wasn’t the only case of Pteranodons loose on the mainland. There was also an incident in 2006 of Pteranodons escaping the islands and attacking locals in Southern California. Although not trained as a Jurassic Security force, local police William James Tobias, would make the ultimate sacrifice to help save his town (JP Devils in the Desert Comic).

There are also reports of a Tim Murphy, from the original 1993 incident attempting to start a reboot of Jurassic Park with just herbivores somewhere in Texas.  Meanwhile, Alexa "Lex" Murphy works towards keeping Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar off limits to influence by people.  Lex busy working at LexxCrops, which sells organic vegetables.  Unfortunately, a disfigured man who claims to be Peter Ludlow sabotages the plan with the help of Dr. Henry Wu breeding carnivores again.  The dinosaurs escape causing chaos, a couple of death and lots of close calls.  Several security officers, who weren't trained Jurassic Operators, do help wrangle, sedate and re-capture the dinosaurs preventing further chaos throughout Texas. (JP Comic: Redemption)

Included in the rumors surrounding Isla Nublar are stories like drug kingpins taking over the island running mini-empire on Isla Nublar. He would release his captured prisoners on the island and attempt to hunt them while they tried to survive in the wilderness full of dinosaurs. There was also reports of scientists actually making friends with some of the dinosaurs acting as a pack leader but most of this is unconfirmed (JP Comic: Dangerous Games).

This biography uses information from the movies, novels and the Jurassic Park expanded universe including comics. When conflicting information occurs, we attempt to reconcile the storyline and adding qualifying words like “allegedly” (as in the case of Robert Muldoon who dies in the movie but survives in the comics and novel). Each paragraph has a link to source material available for purchase.  Pictures are screen shots from the Jurassic Park movie franchises.