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Part V: Eruption of Mount Sibo

By early 2018, Mount Sibo is in a critical state and starts erupting (JW II). The volcano was once the source of power from the island and was being used as a geothermal power plant (JP Novel and JP The Game). With the imminent volcanic eruption, InGen hired a team of Private Military Contractors (PMCs) led by hunter Ken Wheatley.  Ken and his team would arrive on the island and begin the process of saving the dinosaurs by sedating and capturing them (JW: Fallen Kingdom). 

To help find the last couple of valuable dinosaurs a small team of specialists was brought in to track down a couple of missing species.  During the capture of one of the Velociraptors, another PMC would be added to the Wall of Honor.  Overall, the mission was a pretty resounding success.  Only 1xPMC was killed and at least a dozen dinosaurs were sedated and re-captured.  Despite having great success, the people who hired the PMCs did not have the best intentions.  Instead of saving the dinosaurs they brought them to an auction for sale to private buyers who were mostly interested in weaponizing the prehistoric creatures (JW: Fallen Kingdom).

An dinosaur outbreak would befall the auction leading to mass chaos.  Several more PMCs would die in the process trying to regain control.  Ultimately, they failed and several dinosaurs broke free running into the wilderness of the USA (JW: Fallen Kingdom). 

While we don't know what the long term ramifications of this are, we do know that there will be a need for a company like Jurassic Outcomes.  The associated issues that come with dinosaurs in the wild are now no longer isolated to an island but may turn into a global epidemic.  Whatever the future holds, Jurassic Outcomes is standing by to help you solve your prehistoric problems. 

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This biography uses information from the movies, novels and the Jurassic Park expanded universe including comics. When conflicting information occurs, we attempt to reconcile the storyline and adding qualifying words like “allegedly” (as in the case of Robert Muldoon who dies in the movie but survives in the comics and novel). Each paragraph has a link to source material available for purchase. Pictures are screenshots from the Jurassic World movie franchises.