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As a non-uniformed group of resistance fighters, there are no official uniforms.  This allows you great flexibility in choosing what you want to wear in order to fight the machines.  This includes base clothing, ammunition carrying rigs, drop leg holsters/pouches and anything else that would be useful in a tactical environment.  Based off multiple timelines, here are some of the more popular options for Resistance dress.


The base of the Terminator Future War soldiers is a grey jumpsuit.  Feel free to explore around to find a grey jumpsuit we found a Dickie's one that could be modified to better look like the one from the film.  If you want to really look screen accurate you may want consider purchasing a quilt and adding the pads pictures on the shoulders by sewing them on.

For boots, feel free to choose any set of black boots you find comfortable.  We recommend brands like:

If you are looking for something that costs a little less, look for a simple pair of Black Jungle Boots.


Black tactical kit is available in several different places.  We highly recommend Cheaper Than Dirt.

Amazon also sells various black kit that can be used to enhance your Salvation style outfit.

For combat shirts/pants, we recommend Amazon's line of shirts/pants available in a variety of colors including black:

For the red armband, the most authentic thing to do is just grab a red shirt and cut off a sleeve or the bottom.  This matches well with what the resistance would actually be using since in the post-Judgment Day world they are using whatever they can find.  If you don't want to cut an existing shirt, just pick up a cheap red shirt and cut off some of it.

Feel free to pick up black boots that fit you and your style such as Merrell, Under Armour  or a set of Black Jungle Boots.

ACU (Army Combat Uniform)

As seen in Genisys, the Resistance uses the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) pattern as the base of clothing in their assault uniforms. 

They add in things like rigs or pouches to carry weapons/tactical equipment.  A lower cost one that is good can be found here: Black Condor Rig- AR Style or if you are looking for something else we recommend shopping at Cheaper Than Dirt (Save $15 from Cheaper Than Dirt).

Add other pouches/tactical equipment as needed such as:

Black Gloves with Knuckle Protection which are based on the more expensive Oakley Black Gloves
The additional armor appears to be portions of motorcycle/motocross protective gear that has been repurposed and broken apart as tactical armor.

Finally add in a set of Merrell, Under Armour  or a set of Black Jungle Boots to complete the outfit.

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