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LeMarchand’s most famous creation was “the box”, often referred to as “The Lament Configuration”.  The puzzle box opens the gate to hell but is not the only one of LeMarchand’s creations and is not the only device that opens another gateway. 

The movies rarely even hint at anything besides the box, however, the comics are full of references to other mechanisms.  We've included many of them below in an effort to expand your horizons.

The Box / The Lament Configuration

The box is not simply a puzzle, which anyone opens and is pulled into hell.  Part of the requirement is a sinful life and a desire for more.  We see this in Frank and other characters throughout the Hellraiser universe. 

"It is not hands that summon us. It is desire."
-Pinhead, Hellbound

What happens when something like a monkey solves the box?  The answer is nothing.  While they have the dexterity and possible the intelligence to unlock the mechanisms, the lack the sinful behavior that is unique to man. 

Details of the Box's Materials/Construction

Box Variants From the Comics

Non-Box Puzzle Variants made by LeMarchand

Available for Purchase

Several brands have come up with re-creations of the original.  In the movie several boxes are used to create all the desired movements.  Therefore, there isn't one box you can buy that does it all.  However, several artisans have crafted their own boxes that do part of the movements.  Included below are some of my favorites that I think are unique and well made.

Officially licensed model

LeMarchand’s Puzzle Box model as the first puzzle box I bought as a teenager.  The design on the box is movie accurate and looks great.  The only problem is the sides don’t link together too well.  I tried crazy glue, duct tape, hot glue and a whole host of other options.  Ideally you would be best just buying a wooden cube and gluing the sides on.  Rather than let the box go to waste since it looks pretty poor assembled, I repurposed it to Punk Daddy guitars and it was turned into “LeMarchand’s Electric Guitar” (scroll down to see the image).  If you can still find this online, I would pass on it and go for one of the models/boxes made by another brand. 


MunchkinMetropolis makes several variants of the puzzle box.  A good run down is provided by the maker showing the features of each one.  I personally own “The Grip”, which is good for storing items inside and one of the quickest to open/close.  To get the two tone colors that appear in the move it requires an extra payment.  Honestly, I think the all gold color looks nicer than the movie accurate version and left it as is providing a unique version of the box. 

Order yours off Etsy in the MunchkinMetropolis shop


TheNoisy3dShop's box is the only box I found that includes chains.  The 3d printed model can be changed into the star configuration.  This gives you lots of options for display including box, box with chains, star configuration or star configuration with chains. 

Available off Etsy here

Pyramid Gallery

Pyramid Gallery makes some of the nicest puzzle boxes available, but you are going to have to pay for them.  Starting at $120 and going up in price they are beautifully designed and made.  Not only do they have the classic configuration, but they also have other puzzle boxes with their own history included with each order.  The most unique aspect of the classic box is that it is the only one that has a built-in music box as we hear about in the books.  While I don’t own one of these yet, it is definitely on my list for a future purchase. 

Explore their site, it's full of cool boxes and information.

Other Configurations

Although the box is undoubtedly the most popular, widely known and distributed.  The Lament Configurations often appear in other forms to tempt the specific desires of the users.  Throughout the comics, the following has tapped in the desire of the users to open the gateway to hell.  Most of them make only one appearance in a single issue of comics.

Crossword Puzzle


Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Not appearing in the comics this was an exclusive build by Punk Daddy Guitars.


Boxing Ring


The building notably scene at the end of Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth, has a very Lemarchand like sculpture in front.  This sculpture is II Grande Disco (The Great Disc) made by Italian scuplture Arnaldo Pomodoro.  The sculpture is located at 137 E Trade St, Charlotte, NC 28202 in downtown Charlotte, NC.
Hellraiser Judgement also uses a building as a gateway.  Specifically, 55 Ludivico Place, which is supposed to be the same location as the first Hellraiser movie. 

"Pokemon" Card

Not actually a "Pokemon" but a Kyubumon Card named Monsutapin that is extremely rare.  Unfortunately for those that have the greedy desire to "catch them all" the consequences can be quite gruesome.


Wooden Configuration

Rope Configuration

Pellucid Lens

Other Configurations That Open a Gateway to a Different Part of Hell

Several other mechanisms that exist besides LeMarchand's configuration.  Several summon demon like creatures other than Cenobites as outlined in the comics. 


Snow Globe

Music Box



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