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Next Generation

When the mission is of the highest priority and is backed completely by Masrani with all of their resources, sometimes Jurassic Security Teams are given access to equipment that is only available in laboratories. With the eruption of Mount Sibo imminent, the next generation of non-lethal equipment was made available for a select group of teams entering the site of Jurassic Park/World to rescue the dinosaurs.

Next Generation- Non-Lethal


X-22 Renegade

The X-22 Renegade is a fully automatic tranquilizer rifle that is typically mounted onto a helicopter or vehicle. This is the typical configuration because the rate of fire of the weapon makes it unfeasible to carry around that much animal tranquilizer ammo. However, it can be hand carried and taken dismounted on short excursions.

Titan 2000

The Titan 2000 is the X-22’s big brother. It fires tranquilizers that penetrate deeper into dinosaurs making it ideal for bigger threats like the Tyrannosaurus Rex or those with thicker skin like the Ankylosaurs. The green rounds it fires give it a distinct look when compared to the X-22.

Triple Threat 

When accuracy is less of a concern and there is a large amount of dinosaurs in your field of fire, you are definitely going to want the Triple Threat. It spreads out your fire into a triangle looking shot group, making this the “shotgun” of tranquilizer weapons.



The Shockbolt is an effective non-lethal weapon delivering high discharges of electricity to approaching dinosaurs, immobilizing them. The battery for this weapon dies quickly but the stream of electricity act like a “non-lethal flamethrower” making it great for dealing with a stampeding herd.


Frostbite Cannon

The Frostbite Cannon is a non-lethal weapon that can have lethal effects. While its icy cold blast immobilizes approaching dinosaurs, continuing to fire this weapon at an already subdued target will cause them to shatter, thus killing them. Use with caution, especially if you are trying to bring back the intended target still in one piece.


This is a Jurassic Park/World fan site. The weapons listed under Next Generation were pulled from the 2015 Jurassic Park Arcade Game.