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Operator's Only

Welcome to the Operator’s Only section of the website. While it is great to know about the history of Jurassic Security Forces and look like you belong in their ranks, it would be better if you lived the lifestyle. To gain access to the Operators Only section you must donate via Patreon. 

Once your donation is confirmed, you will receive a password to go with the login you choose. This section includes training plans for improving your fitness (with new ones added on a monthly basis), articles on improving you health and vides produced by Special Forces veterans. These videos include instructions on shooting, stances, kit setup and much more. The value of the training plans alone far exceeds the cost of one month. Sign up today and see if you like what we have to offer at Jurassic Outcomes. 

If you would like access to the Operators Only section contribute via one of our contribution levels via Patreon. As long as we have patrons that are interested in knowing more the website will stay up and we will continue to produce quality content for you. Thanks and hope to see you in the Operators Only section.

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