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T-Rex Cafe

T Rex Café used to have two locations nationwide, one in Kansas City and one in Orlando, FL.  The Kansas City one closed but the one in Orlando is still open.  The dinosaur themed restaurant is what dinosaurs are too restaurants like movies are to Planet Hollywood or music is to Hard Rock Café.  The food is actually pretty good with a variety of options, but the ambiance is what everyone goes there for and is paying for. 

Plan your visit here: https://www.trexcafe.com/

Surelocked In: Tyrannosolveus Rex (dinosaur themed escape room)

Surelocked In located in Frederick, MD is one of many escape rooms popping up nationwide.  The escape rooms often have themes and if you are lucky you can find one that is dinosaur themed like Tyrannosolveus Rex .  Grab a couple of other Jurassic Security Operatives and work on your teamwork and problem solving skills in this fun adventure.  Will you be able to restore balance and escape or will the large carnivore rumored to be in the area get a afternoon snack?

Plan your visit here:  https://www.surelockedin.com/

Unfortunately, pictures are not allowed in the room in order to keep the puzzles a mystery.