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Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team

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Energyne Tactical Response Team
(formerly Scumlabs Tactical Response Team)

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Real Life

Scum Soda

While you can't go out and buy yourself a fresh can of Scum Soda like the ones used to transform average kids into the super-monsters from Rampage, the soda clearly takes inspiration from several brands.  Two major brands of green soda come to mind when you see Scum Soda.  The iconic green and red logo with white border is reminiscent of Mountain Dew if you are a Pepsi fan.  If you normally drink coke, the the green and red logo of a brand that starts with an S may remind you of Surge instead.  Either way, take your pick, it is the closest thing you will get to trying Scumlabs best selling product. 

Pepsi's "Scum Soda"


Coca-Cola's "Scum Soda"

After being discontinued for several years, Surge Soda is back.  You can order a 12 pack off Amazon or try to find a store that sells it near you.  If you want to go further, you can rep the t-shirt.


Las Vegas

New York



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