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If the STAAR Team website has raised your interest on Area 51 and its’ related information, here are a couple of resources including books, video games, museums and historical sites that you can look into.


Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Base: If you are going to look at books for interesting information about Area 51, then your first stop should be Annie Jacobsen’s book.  She compiled it using declassified documents providing you a rare glimpse into the development of projects like stealth aircraft, nuclear testing, nuclear engines and other experimental projects.  The book is so comprehensive you may not feel the need to read another one.  She even provides a theory on the 1947 Roswell incident.  While some dispute the theory it is provided by someone with a first-hand account.  Whether you believe the final chapter or not, the theory is interesting and may be closer to the truth than anything else that has been proposed. 

Inside the Real Area 51: Secret History of Wright Patterson Air Force Base:  Hoping to find a second book that was as comprehensive and information as Annie Jacobsen’s, I explored Inside the Real Area 51.  While the beginning had some historical facts about Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the book quickly digressed into single source reporting, rumor mills and outlandish theories.  If you are looking to fuel conspiracy theories you’ll find it here although most of them fail to stand up to scrutiny and logic.  However, it was mildly entertaining and provided readers with an interesting perspective on those convinced of alien visitation. 

Skunkworks: While not directly about Area 51, this non-fiction book provides fascinating insight into the development of stealth technology and other aircraft developed by Lockheed-Martin.  The development of aircraft that regularly defy all existing notions of what is possible including flights at 70,000+ feet, travel at greater than 3x the speed of sound and strange shaped aircraft that are invisible to radar surely plays a role in numerous sightings of “UFOs”.

While there are many other books on the topic of Area 51, aliens and secret government projects.  You’ll find that most quickly fall off the deep end providing no facts but simply pointing out inconsistencies in behavior.

Training Simulators (Video Games)


International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico:


American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge, Tennessee:


National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada:


Los Alamos History Museum in Los Alamos, New Mexico:


AleInn in Rachel, Nevada:

Generic Area 51 Merchandise

Area 51 Fan Art: Artist Mike Lancette created an amazing image of STAAR Team operators and other images from Area 51 Arcade.  Last time we checked it was not available for sale online as of yet.  However, contacting him via email to purchase a print might work.


Area 51 Arcade Sign 4’’x11’’(small): A great display product you can put up in your room, behind your bar or really anywhere.  The original logo/design from the arcade game that started it all.


Area 51 Arcade Sign 6’’x18’’(large):  If you are going to pick up a sign, I would go with the larger version available here, which is more reminiscent of the top of the arcade cabinet.

This is a fan site for the Area 51 arcade game and associated topics relating to the property.