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Special Tactical Advanced Alien Response

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Team Room

Welcome to the STAAR Team Room and Armory.  If you are looking to suit up and get ready to fight the alien invasion this is where you need to start building your kit. 


1995 Screen Accurate Kit

If you want to rock the 1995 screen look, here are some clothing suggestions to help you
White Beret:  The stylish white beret is the headgear of choice for STAAR Team members while on duty.  We recommend picking up a military style beret in the appropriate white color.  Once you have the beret buy a cheap Gillette type razor and begin to shave off all the excess fuzz.  Continue to shave until the beret feels thin, this will allow for a better fit in the next stop.  Once it is thin enough, soak it in water and proceed to put in on your head shaping it in the desired look.  With the wet beret on your head, allow it to dry, which will give you the same look you desire on each successive use of the beret.
95th Civil Affairs Insignia: The STAAR Team uses the logo of the 95th Civil Affairs (CA) unit on their beret for cover for the actual operations.  While you can sew a colorized patch on the beret as is shown in the picture, we recommend just purchased the smaller metal 95th CA dress uniform pin.  This will make it easier to affix to your beret and look more professional than the oversized patch.  There is also an option to order the subdued version if you prefer a more tactical look. 

Black Load Bearing Equipment/Kit:  The operators in the 1995 incident did not have the best load carrying equipment for combat operations.  In fact, their on screen kit appears to have little to no place for storing weapons or equipment.  We recommend choosing your own interpretation of black load bearing equipment (LBE) kit for your STAAR Team attire.  The website Cheaper Than Dirt has a lot of options ($15 off your order here) that include cost effective products and top of the line products.  Here are a couple of recommendations for LBE/Kit that look great, are of good quality and won’t break the bank:

            NcStar AR-15 Rig  

            VooDoo Tactical Rig

            UTG Ultimate Tactical Assault Ten Piece Gear Set

$15 off your order here

STAAR patch:  Purchasing an already made STAAR patch is not an option, however there is a company in California that will customize the patch with a quick turn-around that is high quality.  The benefit of using them is they already have the style and size you need.  Each order comes with a large patch that can be placed on the back of your kit and a smaller patch great for use on a sleeve or on the front of ball cap with Velcro attachments.

Flight Suit:  The STAARs operators from 1995 wear a blue flight suit.  The blue color they choose is a light blue that is more reminiscent of NASA astronaut flight suits.  These suits tend to be harder to find or more costly.  You can go with blue coveralls that more closely match the blue on the screen or go with a Navy Blue type flight suite.  There are multiple options available including those produced by Army Universe, Rothco and Tru-Spec.
Boots:  Boots are largely personal preference.  As long as they are black, you are good to go.  Pick a pair that fits your price point and style to complete the look.  We are big fans of brands like Merrell and Under Armour.

Updated Arcade Kit

As time passes equipment, clothing and gear needs to be updated to stay with the times.  Since 1995 clothing options have advanced where we no longer prefer the flight suit but rather combat top and bottom which many of our operators find more comfortable.  Here is the load out we recommend for a modern take on the classic STAAR Team look.
White Beret with 95th CA dress uniform pin:  Folded up and stored on your person/in your kit used for garrison, formal occasions or when conducting an initial link-up with US Government personnel you are planning to support.  The beret instills confidence in the forces you plan on assisting by presenting a professional appearance. 
Black Velcro Hat:  Instead of wearing the beret, I think you’ll find you are more comfortable in a black hat with a Velcro patch on the front that you can customize with a STAAR patch, team internal patch or something else that represents your mission.  Lots of brands available for this option but we like the MudGear Tac Hat

Black Load Bearing Equipment/Kit:  Largely operators dependent but here are three suggestions.

            Primary: NcStar AR-15 Rig  

            Alternate: UTG Ultimate Tactical Assault Ten Piece Gear Set

            Contingency:   VooDoo Tactical Rig

$15 off your order here

Navy Blue Combat Top:  Navy Blue combat top making it great to wear under body armor allowing for cool air flow around the chest while still having thicker fabric on the sleeves to protect against abrasions and still have pockets. 
Navy Blue Tactical Pants:  Navy Blue tactical pants provide a more versatile solution with more pockets than the flight suit option.
Boots: Many operators prefer boots that are little lower cut than were available in the 1990s.  Brands like Merrell and Under Armour provide low cut, all black options.  Look for a pair that is light and comfortable.