Jurassic Outcomes

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Tactical Sci Fi

Coming in 2021, the "Jurassic Outcomes" website will be updated to be more inclusive of other science fiction and pop culture influences.  The website will be restructured as "Tactical Sci Fi" with"Jurassic Outcomes" as one of the sub-categories of that larger topic.  The website uses fictional stories and universes to learn about factual information for example: Jurassic Outcomes (Jurassic World & Dinosaurs), The Resistance (Terminator & Robots), The Harrowers (Hellraiser & Christianity), Umbrella Security Services (Resident Evil & Viruses), Energyne Tactical Response Team (Rampage & Travel) and STAAR Team (Area 51 & Government Developmental Programs).  

Stick around and see what else we have coming and feel free to explore between now and 2021 as the following is built:

Energyne Tactical Response Team
formerly Scumlabs Response Team