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Asset Containment Unit Kit

Rather than recreate instructions on building your Asset Containment Unit (ACU) kit, there has already been several great videos made by other ACU Troopers. Here are two great ones that should give you all the information you need.

ACU Loadout Video by Spartan117GW:  

Uniforms of the Screen:  

If you are looking to purchase some of this kit, here are a couple of website and links that may interest you starting from your head and working your way down to your feet.

Hat: You are going to want a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes and so you can still represent Jurassic Outcomes/ACU/Jurassic Security when not in the full kit. Here are a couple of recommendations:

5.11 Kryptek Typhon Hat 

Combat Shirt: This version of the shirt doesn’t have the Velcro patches on the sleeves, but they can easily be added after purchase or you can have the patches sewn on directly if you desire.

Get $15 off your order here, then check out the items below:

5.11 Kryptek Medium Shirt

5.11 Kryptek Large Shirt

5.11 Kryptek XL Shirt

Accessories (Patches): Pickup your ACU patches from Honey Badger Defense Co.

Jurassic Patches 

Plate Carrier: To get the official issue of the ACU, you want the 5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier in Storm grey color.

Get $15 off your order here, then check out:

5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier Storm

Plates: While most people don’t get plates, you can choose to get some that provide ballistic protection but can also get ones that protect against claws, stab wounds and act as a weight for physical training.

Ballistic Plates

Plate Shaped Weights by Rogue

Dummy/Airsoft Plates

Belt: While an expensive piece of gear, the Ares Belt is the ACU standard and a five star belt that performs.

Ares Belt- black webbing and silver buckle

Pants: 5.11 is an industry leader in tactical clothing. We recommend checking out the below website for the best deal. Multiple waist and lengths are available. 

Get $15 off your order here, then check out the items below:

5.11 Stryke Pants in Storm

Boots: Boots are largely Operator preference. If you want the exact boots issues to members of the ACU, you can pick up a copy of 5.11 Recon Boots in Storm. However, most people buy a different boot that better fits their foot and their required mission. Most stores have stopped carrying this boot but some can still be found by searching across Amazon.

Jurassic Outcomes Kit

Jurassic Outcomes KitThe ACU kit can get expensive real quick. Here at Jurassic Outcomes we only ask that you come prepared to conduct Jurassic Security Operations and can be identified with the Jurassic Outcomes patch (available here). The rest of the kit is up to you. If you are leaning away from the ACU Trooper look and want something that fits your environment a little better, check out some of these options.

We recommend Cheaper Than Dirt for most of your products due to their wide variety of options ranging from those looking to save money all the way up to the top end tactical gear. Take $15 off your order here, then check out:

Hat: Tactical Hats

Sunglasses: Wiley X Kryptek Ballistic Sunglasses

Combat Shirt: Combat Shirt

Accessories (Patches): Jurassic Patches 

Plate Carrier: Plate Carriers

Plates: Ballistic Plates

Plate Shaped Weights by Rogue

Belt: Belts

Pants: Pants

Boots: When shopping for boots we prefer to go with something lightweight and sneaker like rather than something too bulky. However, there is always a tradeoff. The lighter the shoe, the less support and cushioning it will have but it will weigh less. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you have been walking all night on Isla Nublar, that additional weight on your feet starts to add up.