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If you are going to fight your enemy, you need to know all the details about them.  Below are the popular models of Terminators you are likely to encounter on the battlefield along with pictures and supplemental video information. 

Rather than re-create data that is publicly available, I have just included the videos on this page.  The videos do a very good job of explaining details of each so for most of the models further explanation is not required.
A brief overview of most of the models is shown here.  If you are looking for a deep dive into each model, see the videos listed under each model below.

Humanoid Terminator Models


The first humanoid terminator, bulky, limited capability and awkward, it set things in motion to build future models.

Featured in T2: Battle Across Time 3D show at Universal Studios.


No infiltration capability, used primarily as shock troops in Skynet's Army.

Featured in spin off T2 books (Infiltrator, Rising Storm, Future War).


"The Clanker" full of problems like exposed wires and cheap construction materials it was another stepping stone on the way to the 600+ models.

Featured in Terminator Dawn of Fate video game.


Improved version of the T-400 with enhanced armor and weapons.

Featured in Terminator: Dawn of Fate.


First infiltrator Terminator covered in rubber skin to fool surviving humans from a distance.  According to the novels their limbs can be electromagnetically re-attached if blown apart but still in close proximity to the body.

First mentioned in the original Terminator movie but first appearances were in Terminator Salvation showing the model with its rubber skin and tattered clothing.


Several variants exist including 700, 720 and 799. Final stepping stones to the T-800.

Featured in Terminator: Salvation.


The "original" Terminator.  It comes in several variants including T-800 (Terminator 1 and 2), 850 (Terminator 3) and 888 (Sarah Connor Chronicles).  It is the first model with living tissue over an endoskeleton.

Variants featured in all Terminator movies.
Most T-800 models are based on CMSgt William Candy's body/build with the voice of one of the Cyberdyne Research Systems engineers (deleted scene from Terminator 3).


Upgraded version of the T-800 with better ability to mimic human behavior.  Anti-terminator designed to hunt Terminators the resistance has reprogrammed.  Also includes a further upgraded 950 model.

Brief appearance in the background of Terminator 3 and heavily featured in the Sarah Connor Chronicles.


I-950 infiltrator models from the Terminator novels, no pictures available (photos are just filler).


Arguably the ultimate terminator made of liquid metal.  Variants include T-1001 (from Sarah Connor Chronicles) and T-1002 (from the comics).


Arguably the best Terminator model from the traditional T designs, it possesses built in weapons, is an endoskeleton covered in liquid metal, it has nanotech to increase its ability to access information and find its targets.

Featured in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.


The only one of its kind because John Connor was the only human to survive the phase matter transformation process and is held together by a magnetic field.

Featured in Terminator: Genisys.


The physical embodiment of Skynet, the T-5000 which is capable of creating T-3000s (assuming the human host can survive the process).  The one featured in Genisys is rumored to be from an alternate timeline which has come to "fix" things in the machines favor as evident by the line "I've come a very long way".

It may also be in the Aliens vs. Predator vs. Terminator comic but is never formerly identified.


A prototype model that has a time displacement device as part of its body designed to "police" the timeline to avoid things like Skynet accidentally destroying themselves.

Only appears in Terminator: Infinity Comics and Terminator Revolution Comics.

TS-300 aka Replacement

MIR ("Soviet Skynet") version of T-800 infiltrator unit but can better pass for human including personality transfer and a ceramic endoskeleton.  More info available at Terminator Wiki.  While it appears better in theory, the TS-300s think they are human and thus subject to human emotions/opinions.

Only appearance is in Terminator: Hunters & Killers Comics and Terminator Omnibus Vol. 2


Similar to the Rev 9, the Rev 7 has an endo-skeleton with liquid metal parts allowing it to form spike weapons anywhere on its body.  Their legs are built more like animals (digitigrade), allowing for faster running instead of attempting to act as an infiltrator. 


A endo-skeleton with a liquid metal covering that can be separated from the endo-skeleton, essentially doubling its combat power.  Named after the biblical verse Revelations chapter 9.

Featured in Terminator: Dark Fate.

T-Hybrids or T-H or Thetas

Marcus Wright (Project Angel)

Infiltration prototype that consists of a human brain and heart but a mechanical body.  Problems include having human will and subject to normal psychological stress/experience of humans.

Appeared in Terminator Salvation as well as the Terminator Salvation: Final Battle comics and is referenced in the Terminator Salvation Novel: Trial by Fire


Not a threat but an enhanced human from the Legion timeline.  Although created by the Resistance, the same concept could be used by hostile AI to create infiltrator models.


Non-Humanoid Terminator Models


The first terminator model, not yet in humanoid form it was an AI robot designed for attack/defense.

First shown in Terminator 3 and appears in Terminator Salvation.


T-7T is a quadraped, spider-like Terminator.

Featured in the Terminator: Salvation Video Game.


Sidewinders are the land versions of the Hydro-Bots.  They are snake like Terminators that move on land attacking their targets.

Featured only in Terminator Salvation Movie Prequel Comic book.


The only Terminator that hunts in the water with a snake like design.

First featured in Terminator Salvation and is a boss in Terminator Salvation arcade game.


Weapon equipped AI motorcycle that operates on their own or can be stored on the Harvester.

First appeared in Terminator: Salvation.


In the book Terminator Salvation: Cold War, the Skynet Express (train, see below) has additional defense systems that consists of snow-mobile type terminators.  They are basically a snow friendly version of the moto-terminators.

Terminator Vehicles/Oversized

Skynet Express

A train terminator designed to transport supplies (like oil, uranium, copper, other strategic minerals) as well as Terminators.  Skynet Express, as it is nicknamed by the Resistance in Alaska, has gray armored plating, sealed gun ports along the sides red optical sensors on its bullet shaped nose and razor sharp skewers that just out like fangs from the steel "cowcatcher" at the prow.  The train is electrically powered and has been seen moving as fast as 180 mph.  The train also has smaller HK's loaded into some of it's compartments to provide immediate area defense as it travels.

Terminator Plow

Featured only in the Terminator Salvation novel Cold War, the Terminator Plow is a Terminator truck with a large, spiked plow on the front designed to move around the icy conditions of Alaska and serve as a transportation vehicle for T-600s. 


Four armed, giant robot used to grab humans for further testing, which helped lead to the development of the T-800.  Includes moto-terminators in its legs.

First featured in Terminator Salvation and is a boss in Terminator Salvation arcade game.

Hunter-Killer (HK)- Aerial

Vertical TakeOff and Landing (VTOL) capable flying robot mounted with guns.  There are multiple variants with light and heavy models.

First appeared in Terminator.

Hunter-Killer (HK) Tank

Looks similar to the T-1 but is several stories tall.

First featured in Terminator.

T-1000000 aka T-Meg

T-1000000 is a liquid metal defensive weapon designed to defend Skynet.

Featured in T2: Battle Across Time show from Universal Studios and Terminator: Nuclear Twilight comic.


The super intelligence artificial intelligence that causes Judgement Day.


MIR is the Soviet version of SKYNET introduced during the Terminator Hunters and Killers storyline that achieved sentience with the help of SKYNET.

Details on MIR can be found at Terminator Wiki


Crossover Variants


Cytpo-Terminators are possibly the same model as the T-5000.  However, with little information known about either, it is impossible to tell. Crypto-Terminators are designed to infiltrate human organizations deep displaying emotions that can almost pass for human.  They are a sleeper Terminator that waits until the right time to attempt to resurrect Skynet.

Featured only in Alien vs. Predator vs. Terminator comics.


The comic is unclear how this variant actually exists.  Normally I would assume its a mechanical endoskeleton with a Alien body but it appears to be some weird amalgamation of the two.  Regardless they possess super strength making them a serious problem for both the humans and the Predators that are trying to stop them.

Featured only in Alien vs. Predator vs. Terminator comics.

Canine Variants

Several robotic K9 Terminator models exist.  Most notably one was sent back to stop Robocop (which looks more like a spider endo-skeleton with dog flesh covering) and Skynet dispatched another variant called the Dire Wolf in an attempt to destroy the T-Infinity that Skynet had lost control over. 

Featured in Robocop vs. Terminator and Terminator: Revolution.

Robocop Variant

During the Robocop verus Terminator future, Robocop uses his conciosness to create clones of himself using Terminator bodies.  These variants have the body of a Terminator along with some of Robocop's armor but the mind/will of Alex Murphy creating a strong force for law and order.

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