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Forces of Heaven

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Just as Hell has their tools and devices for pulling people in, the forces of good also have their own set of tools that allow for protection against the forces of evil.


Crosses have been shown to be effective against Pinhead and his Cenobites on several occasions.  As an individual item it can bestow upon the wearer protection from the forces of evil.  When apples to other objects such as chains, it can help restrict the power/energies of Cenobites. 

Just because you are wearing a cross does not make you invulnerable.  It must be properly blessed.  We can see this with the Catholic Cardinals that are sometimes killed in various comics.  Their crosses provide them no protection as Cenobites or other demons from hell take their souls. 

Glyph of Solutent

The Glyph of Solutent is a magic drawing consisting of double circle with ancient writings on the inside.  When Cenobites are summoned within the circle they become mortal and susceptible to attacks.

Weapons with the power of Monne Marte

Several weapons were imbued with the power of Monne Marte, an ancient guardian that fought against the forces of Hell.  The weapons included sword, short sword with a spiked hand guard, boomerang, axe, rope and a short sword. 

The weapons are often depicted as glowing gold.

Dagger with Glyphs

Daggers or other weapons can be imbued with special "demon killing" powers when they are blessed with the right carvings and prayers over them.  One such dagger made frequent appearances in the comics inflicting wounds to a variety of Cenobites. 


In the Hellraiser universe, tattoos with certain designs can act as both early warning and protection for the wearer.  Most of the Harrowers from the Scarlet Gospels are heavily tattooed.  We see this with Harry D'Amour most notably.  However, Lana and Kaz King are also both heavily tattooed although their tattoos are not specified in the novel.  Finally, Marcus Aimes, a priest, notably gets tattooed before joining with Tiffany and her Harrowers.

Ostlund Construct

We don't have much information on the Ostlund Construct since it was never seen in action.  However, it appears that by collecting some of the keys to hell like the LeMarchand Configuration and some of the other items talked about on our page Hell: Mechanisms, there is a way to close the gateway to Hell.

Elysium Configuration

The Elysium Configuration is the counter to LeMarchand's creation.  Using technology not yet available a pattern of light is reflected into a shape that permanently closes the gateway opened by Phillip LeMarchand.  

Most notably, the space station Minos in the year 2127 will have the technology built into the design of the ship, ending the Cenobites that come through the gateway for good.


Tools of the Christian Warrior

Prayer Rope

Prayer ropes are typically a bunch of closely tied knots on a piece of yarn that loops around ending in a cross. Most are made of wool and consist of 33 knots representing the 33 years that Christ physically walked the earth.  However, they do make them in 100 and 300 knot variants.  There are also beaded versions. 

Similar to a rosary they are a physical tool to help you focus on prayer.  By running your fingers along the knots you can keep track of your prayers and it helps avoid distraction.  Most people use it in conjunction with the Jesus prayer "Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me a sinner." 

This short prayer repeated constantly allows us to "pray constantly" as dictate in The Bible and keeps your focused on a Christ-centric life. 

More about prayer ropes


Icons assist in worship, help in our understanding of the faith and are windows into heaven.  They provide a teaching tool, especially in the early church when the literacy rate was much lower, as well as ensuring a common representation of people, events and places in the minds of the body of the church.  For this reason and for veneration, they adorn the walls of the church showing real life examples of average people achieving holiness through their actions and love for God.

While some denominations don't use icons they are still benefiting from their use and establishment in the early church.  Without icons and the tradition (aka teaching) of the church we wouldn't have a record of things you take for granted like the basic look of Jesus (long hair and beard).

It is recommended you keep an icon in every room (or at least the important rooms) in your house.  This provides a constant reminder and also serves as an immediate focal point for prayer when the need arises.

These divine images aren't simply drawings.  The iconographer prayers and fasts during the painting process.  He is classically trained allowing for a faithful transmission of the image without adding in his own opinions or artistic style.  This is to help ensure that the images that have been passed down for millennium stay true to their original representations.  

Are Icons worshiped?

No, icons are not worshiped, they are venerated.  Parishioners kiss and pray in front of them not because they are worshiping the block of wood/paint they are made of but are sending their prayers and love through the image they represent (“windows into heaven”).   It is similar to the way people keep photographs of loved ones that died on Earth and may kiss or talk to the image.      

I thought graven images were forbidden by the Bible in the Old Testament?

They were, but icons are not graven images.  God appeared in the flesh as Jesus Christ so we know what he looked like allowing for his followers to create a physical representation of his likeness.  If you want the long answer, read St. John of Damascus’ book “On Divine Images” which provides a comprehensive explanation and was written in the 8th Century, confirmed by the Second Ecumenical Council of Nicea in 787. 

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