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Training is available as both simulators and real world options.  Simulators provide a low cost and convenient solution to get in some quality Jurassic Security Operations.  Explore both options to keep sharp as an operator for Jurassic Outcomes.


While it may be a while before you get to hunt dinosaurs, it is important to keep your skills sharp. Four Jurassic Park arcade games currently exist that provide simulation and training for several of our core missions:

Jurassic Park (1994)

Asset Containment

Head to Isla Nublar with a friend as you travel through the island conducting Asset Containment (AC) while in a Jeep. Watch out for the dinosaurs and the early signs of a Mount Sibo eruption though.

Jurassic Park II: The Lost World

Jurassic Search And Rescue (JSAR)

Dr. Ian Malcolm and Sarah Harding are stuck on Isla Sorna. You and a friend have been sent in to rescue them using semi-automatic tranquilizer guns. Take aim on this mission featuring Jurassic Search And Rescue (JSAR) mixed with some AC and DA. This mission follows a separate storyline from the 1997 incident on Site B before converging at the end.

Jurassic Park III

Direct Action

The Kirby family is trapped on Isla Sorna and needs to be rescued. InGen has hired two high level security personnel to parachute into the island and rescue them by any means necessary. Go in with lethal force and prepare to fight your way through some of Henry Wu’s most vicious creations including the Spinosaurus.

Jurassic Park: The Arcade (2015)


This mission has a little bit of everything. You will be equipped with automatic belt fed non-lethal weapons. The variety of terrain will require you switching between walking/running, driving in a Jeep, parachuting and riding in a helicopter. Weapons upgrades are available and even though they are still non-lethal they can still provide lethal effects in the right dose. Get ready for the most dangerous mission yet that combines JSAR/AC/DA but with a dinosaur focus. You are no longer just rescuing people but rescuing dinosaurs from the ongoing eruption of Mount Sibo and the destruction of the theme park.

Jurassic Park: The Game

JSAR: Tactical Decision Making

If you are looking for something a little more cerebral and a little less shoot ‘em up, then check out Jurassic Park The Game. During this mission, you will play as InGen Alpha Team’s security members Billy Yoder and Oscar as they attempt to rescue Veterinarian Gerry Harding, his daughter Jessica Harding, Bio-geneticist Dr. Laura Sorkin and Genetic Engineer Dr. David in the events the day after the 1993 incident. Can you rescue everyone and get them off of Isla Nublar safely? Sound decisions and quick thinking will be your guide on this Jurassic Search And Recovery operation. 

Real World Options

Currently under construction:  Check back later for real world training opportunities produced by companies that have trained Jurassic Outcomes Operators.